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Have you been using the Incognito window on your everyday Google searches to try and keep onlookers away from your personal activities? That might not cut it! Given the right tools, remote network owners can still track all the sites you visit along with your entire search history. Don’t let that happen! Use a free VPN for Google to keep your online searches private. Curious? Read on.

All of us could use some privacy. Whether it be physical or online, we surely wouldn’t want guests coming in on our business without consent. But while it’s easy for most of us to call people out whenever they cross lines in real life, the true problem lies online. According to recent reports, 2021’s data breaches have already topped the previous year’s records. And we still have two months left in the year. Without proper defense against trackers and hackers, everything we search online, including the products, the people, and location, can be collected and then used to manipulate our identity.

On that account, we are being encouraged by IT professionals to be more proactive when it comes to our digital freedom. One easy way to do that is by downloading a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

How a free VPN for Google keeps online searches private

Aside from wiping out your Google search history from time to time, installing a VPN app just might be your best option to help protect your online privacy.

To put it simply, a VPN is a software tool that adds another layer of protection between your mobile device and the internet. What it does is send your data through a secured tunnel to its original destination, making the entire connection private. This process is called data encryption. Having all your data encrypted means your online identity and entire online activities are concealed. Without it, you can search the internet as you normally would, safely and anonymously.

Stay under the radar with GoingVPN

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GoingVPN offers a top-notch safety feature powered by its military-grade security system that protects you from unwanted spies, even professional hackers, that may use your personal data against you. It does not only encrypt your data but also your IP address so won’t leave any trace behind. With this in mind, you can surf comfortably at home and even in public places. In addition to that, it provides its users unlimited data to use for streaming and surfing while ensuring a high-speed and reliable service, whenever and wherever.

Don’t let uninvited guests hop in on your party! Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the GoingVPN app now.

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